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Find Foot and Ankle care in Clare

Welcome to the Foot and Ankle Specialists, your podiatry care center in Clare Michigan. We currently treat all conditions of the feet and ankles with leading-edge preventative and surgical care. We specialize in biomechanical treatment, orthotic therapy and other conservative treatment options to help you avoid surgery when possible. If we have exhausted all options for treating your condition conservatively, we provide the same level of capability and experience with the latest in surgical solutions. For more information on our specializations and capabilities, please see our Specializations page

If you need to make an appointment, please call (989) 386-9721, or fill out our Appointment Request form. If you have a general foot or ankle question, concerns about insurance, our available services, or other inquiries, please call (989) 386-9721. If you are having trouble locating our office, please check out our Location page, which also provides an easy-to-read map!